Deer Hunter Father’s Day Gifts

Don’t forget that June 17 2108 is father’s day.

Here a few gift ideas for the outdoors deer hunting dad!

Cuddeback Cuddelink Trail Cameras

cuddeback cuddelink

Stop checking multiple cameras! With CuddeLink images from up to 16 cameras are transmitted to 1 camera. CuddeLink is not cell service or Wi-Fi. CuddeLink is a proprietary wireless mesh network that allows the cameras to communicate with each other. Your dad will love this high tech approach to trail cameras.

Electric Smoker

masterbuilt electric smoker

My dad loves deer hunting and he also loves cooking a feast with his trophy. Electric smokers are reasonable priced and very user friendly. The quality of product from a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is fantastic. My favorite meals are brisket, ribs, chicken wings, sausages, and boston butts. Smokers

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Hunters

The gift above are on the top end of the price range for father’s day gifts. You can find more father’s day gift ideas for deer hunters at The gifts range in price from $20 to $300 and will give you plenty of inspiration. Gift cards, cutlery, electronics…etc..

What Is a Good Flashlight For Hunting

That is the question I was asking myself. What is a good flashlight for my deer hunting backpack?

The easiest way to write content for a website is to help find the questions to your own answers. I started searching through Amazon for a flashlight and was greeted by thousands of options.

I started researching and reading reviews and ran across just as many spam sites. You know the spam sites that promote the worst options.

3 days later and 3000 words later and my review of flashlights for 2018 is complete.


New Bushnell Wireless Trophy Cam

bushnell trophy cam hd wirelessBushnell has just released the all new 2014 Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless.  The trail cams are not shipping yet so we have not had a chance to field test the unit.  A cellular trail camera can be revolutionary for deer hunters whether they live hours from hunting camp or right down the road.

You can read all about the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless at

Here is a short list of facts

  • delivers pictures on AT&T network
  • 8MP resolution
  • 60 foot flash range
  • $599 MSRP

Two Quick Bowhunting Tips

I thought I would start off the 2013 deer season with a couple of very easy bowhunting tips. The two tips require no additional setup and you should be able to implement my suggestions in a matter of minutes. I also believe following these tips will make you a more confident and more successful hunter.

1 – Switch to Expandable Broadheads

If you have not tried or are not shooting expandable broadheads then I encourage you to give them a shot. Screwing in a big expandable should fly just like a field tip. Most expandable heads give much better entry and exit wounds which result in better blood trails. I have had good success with Grim Reaper Broadheads and a full review can be found here -> Grim Reaper

2 – Shoot Lighted Nocks

Not seeing the arrow hit the deer is a huge problem. All bowhunters love to hear the arrow hit the deer but we NEED To SEE IT. A lighted nock acts like a tracer and will give the bowhunter a much better idea of how good the shot actually was. Take a look at this Nockturnal Lighted Nocks Review video and then check out the Nockturnal Lighted Nocks review @

Again, the two bowhunting tips above should cause no changes to your bowhunting setup. No sight or rest adjustments should be made. I really believe a confident hunter is more successful and making these changes has really helped me

New Deer Hunting Videos YouTube Channel

Filming deer hunting videos is a new hobby of mine.  I have been watching deer hunting shows for as long as I can remember.  Eventually camcorders became small enough and affordable enough that I finally said I could do that.

The new Deer Pros Deer Hunting Videos YouTube channel will be a place to share our hunts.

You can also check out the playlist that is full of only  the best hunting videos.  No need to sift through all the crappy videos because we already have.